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Interstellar Alliance DAC in Star Atlas

The Interstellar Alliance (IA) is a Decentralized Autonomous Corporation (DAC) in Star Atlas, a space VRMMORTS game. The game is built on top of the Solana blockchain and Unreal Engine 5.

Greetings Atlassians!

In anticipation of the launch of Star Atlas, we have begun preparations to organize our DAC to hit the metaverse with everything we've got. As the very first Start Atlas DAC, we plan to play a leading role in the metaverse and forever be one of the main foundational pillars built to support the future of the game.
Currently, the Interstellar Alliance has more than 8 gaming and crypto communities combined into one, and we expect more to join us in the future. Together, we joined forces and made the choice to not only conquer the metaverse and earn crypto but also to create something legendary!
Our members will mainly focus on gathering resources, NFTs with in-game utility, deep space missions, staking ATLAS, and using POLIS in various ways to create multiple in-game businesses that will be useful to all Star Atlas players.
Most of our in-game time will be spent on our grand goal: to create the Interstellar Stargate Network (ISN). By occupying 51% of stellar systems in strategic locations, we will be able to have deep space stations and Dyson spheres, with stargates powered by the energy of stars. Potentially, we will one day have multiple space cities in danger zones, which are protected by the entire Interstellar Alliance Space Fleet.
The following points will be our main support in this endeavor.
  1. 1.
    The ISA token, primarily used as currency, missions reward and personal contribution
  2. 2.
    DAO for purchasing in-game NFTs that are useful for achieving our goals
  3. 3.
    Creating multiple Metaverse Protocols to increase the commercial efficiency
Note: some of our projects may need to be adjusted or completely changed depending on the game development and any unforeseen complications.
Do you want to become a member of our alliance? Jump into our Discord now!