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Interstellar Alliance business goals

Economic growth without social progress lets the great majority of people stay in poverty, while few privileged reap the benefits of rising abundance. – John F. Kennedy
Travel faster, cheaper, and safer everywhere in the metaverse.
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    Interstellar Stargate Network (ISN)
We are going to create the (ISN) Interstellar Stargate Network by occupying deep space stellar systems in strategic locations to create the Dyson sphere stargates (DSS) powered by the energy of the stars in each system.
The DSS will be built by deep space expedition teams with investments from the DAC. Their mission will be to travel to strategic deep space stellar systems and build small mining stations. The stations will need constant protection from enemy players or alien races. The land and space stations will be protected by defensive drones, shields, and members of the expedition team.
While a strong foundation is being built around the station, the team will claim 51% or more of the land around the station and immediately start mining operations. When the team is above 51%, they will be allowed to begin the construction of Dyson spheres and, after that, jump points (I prefer to call them stargates).
After the stargate is completed in both the safe zone and the deep space stellar system, more resources, equipment, and human resources will be sent through the new ISN corridor to continue with the expansion of the new station and prepare new expedition teams to explore deeper parts of the metaverse.
The moment the new station is connected with the IA headquarters in the safe zone, the new station will become a priority and all materials, personnel, and investments will expand the station into a space city. Everything sent to the new station will be insured in case of destruction, but to ensure the protection of everyone's investment, everything will be protected by IA's military force.
Extra Income Streams
In the future, we will allow people to rent or buy property in the new cities and potentially build their own businesses. Owning any business in the danger zones can potentially bring 8x more profits because of the 8x mining bonus compared to the safe zone.
The funds gained from this land auction will sponsor future missions to build new cities. In this way, over time the old city can become more decentralized and capable of protecting its own citizens. IA will provide protection until the city becomes fully decentralized.
All citizens (people who buy land in the city) will be able to vote on public proposals and travel through the ISN at a discount just like people who buy cards to travel with a bus. Only the IA will travel for free through the stargates, as we are the creators and protectors of the ISN.
2. Space Races and Space Deathmatches
Space races will be held in stellar systems located in safe zones owned by IA. Each race will be organized and managed by IA and its members. All participants will pay a small fee to join a race, and 80% of the fees will be distributed among the top 3 participants in each race. The other 20% will be separated into 2 equal parts, one for the organizers and the other for an annual tournament prize pool. All friendly players in the metaverse will be able to participate in the race.
There will be a solo or team race in the first 3 weeks of each month and on the 4th there will be a monthly race in which only teams from different countries can participate. Gather your team folks! You may one day have the chance to participate in e-sports racing or receive an invitation from a private team or sponsorships.
If anyone is interested in potential advertisements or partnerships, you can find IA managers in our Discord server:
Deathmatches will be organized in the same manner as the race but in the medium zone where, when your ship is destroyed, it will respawn back in the safe zone with some penalties. There will be no need for us to own any land in the medium zone to host deathmatches. We will simply pick a neutral location for the deathmatch and have fun killing each other. The rewards will be distributed in the same manner as the races.
Potentially, we can create a system that allows people to bet on the winners and gamble with their ATLAS in the hopes of profiting while being entertained. In both ideas, there is opportunity for advertisement in the same way that other games have ads. Imagine Razer ads painted on asteroids or people being able to view ads and interact with them to buy things. This could bring us sponsorships just like Twitch streamers receive sponsorships from different brands.
Our long-term goal is for the races and deathmatches to have huge yearly tournaments just like the Olympics. They build up anticipation and allow people to form teams or recover from injuries and financial issues.
3. Website
The goal of the website is to combine all of the ideas above and provide data, news, and other useful tools for the entire community.