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Sovereign Nations in the Interstellar Alliance

One day, communities will have their own sovereign nations in the Star Atlas metaverse.
As we construct the Interstellar Stargate Network (ISN), this logistical backbone will enable faster, cheaper, and safer travel throughout Star Atlas. Like the wandering humans of old, IA expeditions will venture out from our capitol station seeking new lands and opportunities. Forging paths for millions to follow, brave pioneer-investors will trek into deep space to explore the universe, exploit its riches, and guard the security and balance of the metaverse. Behemoths of fate, the expeditionary fleets will be the first to break ground in far off systems, summoning the ISN into existence with their every act — one Dyson sphere at a time.
With each Dyson sphere, a new space station will be born, and with time it will grow into a city and one day into an entire nation. Different communities will have the chance to create their own cultures, laws, and traditions, which will enrich the entire metaverse in their own unique ways.
IA launched with a vision to position the ISN as a highway for the Star Atlas metaverse. Like the highways and harbors of Earth, the ISN can support ease of transportation, trade, and security for all communities and organizations in IA and the United Metaverse Organizations. Through this and what we refer to as the Metaverse Infrastructure Protocol (MIP), we aim to create efficient commerce inside the metaverse.
The idea for the MIP comes from the real-world twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) of cargo capacity used for container ships and ports, which has influenced the size of cargo trucks, roads, highways, and much more. Like the TEU did on earth, the MIP can streamline trading among the stars. While its metaphysical shape may be different, the MIP is being designed as a series of standards and methods to increase the ISN efficiency in the metaverse.
By cooperating with other projects and communities, we aim to decentralize our project and fuel unseen before Cambrian explosion of digital life full of creativity and commercial potential. After all, no matter which world humanity explores, physical or otherwise, people will always need proper infrastructure for their daily activities and commercial pursuits. © Interstellar Alliance YT
We see partnering with the innovative Grape Community as the first step toward this goal. With Grape Protocol, NFT Grape Network and their NFT Verification Tool, we can service several ideas for ISN utility and further partnerships currently in development.
The ISN will utilize Grape's technology for selling ISN tickets to traders, tourists, or anyone else wishing to use the transportation system. Like buying a bus, train, or plane ticket, a ticket for the ISN is your key to getting from point A to point B much faster than you could otherwise. Grape enables us to establish a Grape Gate in our Discord to act as the ticket verifier.
Finally, I would like to point out that our actions do not represent the Star Atlas team but do share the same vision as Michael Wagner, their CEO, who hopes to one day see millions or even billions of players and visitors enjoying the Star Atlas metaverse. In the Interstellar Alliance, we believe that this dream will be impossible without him and many others doing the necessary work behind the scenes. From building the actual metaverse to doing AMAs and interviews and creating other content, Michael and many others are contributing to the overall growth of this space. We are happy to work with everyone for the future of the metaverse. Perhaps there will come a day when we will be able to sit down in virtual space and share with each other the stories about our experience riding this galactic wave.