SaiaDao Wallets & Mulitisig
How we custody
It's important that dao members are aware that we are taking every precaution to secure the dao's assets. The dao's Vault Control Team (VCT) is tasked with custody of our assets, and consists of five founding members. We are not disclosing VCT member's IDs in this space for opsec reasons.
The VCT team controls the following wallets, code-named ALPHA, GAMMA, and OMEGA:
  • ALPHA: SAIA.sol (E3i4y9EGLL1i4E66Wbjh6p9oxUTyQRGLECahcNLMeTBS) is the primary hotwallet. It is being used to interact with gui interfaces such as the StarAtlas website, Raydium, Step.Finance. Only one member of the VCT has the keypair for this wallet and we are researching secret sharing/ recovery schemes as part of a contingency plan.
  • GAMMA: 2/3 Multisig (CCWpC1skWzu3uPjMaYK6bGiM64S8gBhdbnxjeZFduTG): Used for assets that have no immediate use but might need access in a short timeframe. This includes large token reserves or SA access badges. This will also be used to control any dao token mints in the future. Use of this may be phased out once suitable on-chain Solana dao software is available.
  • OMEGA: 3/5 Multisig (4Ve7K99445RqBdbzknyaXxJif6cncVy1J7tPq57TQLqd): The 'black-hole', used for storage of rare or unique items that will be hodled permanently. These items include Rebirth posters and unique drops such as skins or gear rewards.
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