Interstellar Token Use Case
In the future, holders of ISA tokens will receive passive income or dividends from various sources.
We are currently working on a large variety of in-game and real life utilities for the ISA token. Our future goal is to partner with other blockchains that can provide additional use cases.
  • ISA tokens will mainly be given as rewards to members based on their personal contributions through successfully completing in-game missions. They will become available after the game officially launches.
  • IA will create several types of missions from which the DAC members can choose in order to earn ISA tokens. The most common missions issued by the DAC will be simple resource gathering missions, however sometimes there will be exploration, expedition, military, bounty or other miscellaneous missions issued by the DAC or by high-ranked members.
  • The rank of each member will be decided based on their personal contribution to the DAC.
  • IA will also sell tickets for the Interstellar Stargate Network (ISN) with ATLAS, POLIS, USDC, or ISA. ISA tokens will have a discount % when buying tickets.
All DAC members can choose to dedicate their time, funds, or both to acquire ISA tokens.
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